Syfy's 'Grave Halloween' Review

A woman is walking through the woods.  It's raining.  She is following voices in her head.  She finds something, hears something else, starts to scream... and WAKES UP.  Oh, hot chick in tank top and tight shorts wakes up.  She gets startled by another young lady in a tight top!  Yes, we're watching a Syfy TV movie!

The cast  of Grave Halloween includes Kaitlyn Leen, Cassi Thomson, Dejan Loyola, Graham Wardle and Hiro Kanagawa.

These two girls are putting together a documentary film as a school project, and they start by having our first girl recounting how her mother killed herself.  They get interrupted and decide to go off to their shoot location.

Their destination is suicide woods.

{OMG, it's a weird vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road, and the driver is on the right!  My brain is spinning!}

The first 30-minutes of the movie is filled out by them getting to the woods, meeting a wise older man who is familiar with the woods, and a few pranksters.  He warns them to not stray from the paths though many seem to get lost.

They see a few ghostly visages, they find a body or two in the suicide woods and things are not too hokey.  Then it gets weird.

Yep, then it ges weird as they start to get lost, via mysterious, mystical means.


This movie reminds me in theme, of that first "found footage" movie, The Blair Witch Project, but with less panic, and much less action.

It's a slow moving film with very little new that we haven't seen.

But it's not a bad movie for a Syfy movie, considering what we've seen in the past.  But it can verge of boring if you're not careful how you watch it.

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