'Agents of SHIELD' Ratings Continue To Flounder And For Good Reason

The latest TV ratings for Agents of SHIELD this week dropped another 12% from the week before. And these numbers are less than half of what the premiere episode pulled in.

Why are the ratings falling?  Because viewers are getting repeatedly disappointed with the weak stories and plots and are getting sick of how they're being treated by the creative team behind the show.


I think one of the most anticipated TV series ever was ABC's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  It was exciting because it was going to be an extension of The Avengers and it's Joss Whedon's return to TV!  Who could ask for anything more than Joss Whedon returning to TV?  Well, that's not an entirely accurate statement.

When the world heard about an extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via a SHIELD TV series, it seemed to be an exciting development.  How seemingly perfect.

Then the pilot episode of SHIELD hit the airwaves and that highly exciting potential of this Whedon helmed TV series hit the reality skids.

The pilot episode was heavily riddled with way too many attempts at humorous quips.  Quips that, had they been well timed and sparsely placed, would have worked.  But instead, almost every line was an attempted quip.

Some folks were dismayed by the pilot episode but some persisted.  But each week, we were treated to a thin veneer of entertainment that was not on par with the Marvel movie world.  It felt like the investment into the series is minimal at best.

Not to mention that over the last 7 episodes, it's obvious ABC/Marvel think that the viewers are complete and total morons.  That is, if you consider the Agent Coulson "mystery" that is alluded to at least three times each episode in a rather blatant fashion each time.

To be honest, it's rather insulting how they treat the Coulson "mystery" and spoon feed everyone, every week with the giant elephant in the room.

Aside from that, the fans of Whedon are absolutely positive that things will get better with the show.  They have faith because we think it's from Joss Whedon?  The man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse.  It will get better, right?  The team will gel and the writing will mature.


Did you know that in the first 7 episodes, there have been 11 writers contributing to the scripts? 

Joss Whedon and fellow fam members contributed to the pilot episode.  Then Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon wrangled the script for the 2nd and 3rd episode.  After that, it's been a collective of other writers that are not Whedon family members.

Joss Whedon is not directly involved with the series except as a name on the credits as an executive producer.

And they must be working off a required template or required elements card that says they must insert multiple references to X, Y and Z.

And it ain't working.

Folks I know are tuning out being very disappointed in the series.  One peer said that he'll continue to watch each episode (for now), until the first stupid thing takes place, then he changes the channel.

The last episode had a doomsday kind of weapon called by some lame name like the "overkill device."  And it was some third or fourth subplot in the episode.  I mean, if you dwell on it, I'd think a doomsday kind of super weapon would take center stage and be the primary plot.  Or at least feel like it.

No, Marvel is not doing their cinematic universe any good with Agents of SHIELD.

Not to mention that they're slowly destroying the mystique of who and what Agent Coulson is.  In the show, they're breaking down his mysterious aura and making him more "human" (Or LMD) with his own history and faults.

If Marvel wants to use this series to market their movies, they need to work out the kinks immediately before the ratings convince advertisers to jump ship with all the viewers.  That and maybe they need to focus on stories where the field team supports some heros in action rather than sticking to their guns and making it purely about the humans.

I hope they figure it out and crank out better stories and add to the world of the Marvel entertainment universe.

Well, at least they've landed some good talent for the Netflix Marvel series.
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  1. Love how Marvel has married all the plot lines together with Ironman, Thor and Captain America. I as a child used to read all of them every chance I could. I love agents of shield, so many plot twists it makes your head spin!


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