'Little People, Big World' SPOILER Preview for Tonight's (11-5-13) Episode

'Little People, Big World' SPOILER Preview for Tonight's (11-5-13) Episode

If you follow Little People, Big World on TLC, you may have seen the previews.  If you haven't, I suspect this will be a tough one for some.

If you follow Matt Roloff on Facebook, you know what's coming.  You've seen the updates and profile picture changes.

What I'm about to write is a huge

'Little People, Big World' SPOILER

for tonight's episode.

If you don't want to be spoiled,

turn away now.

Come back after you see the episode, because I'm sharing some thoughts on the episode.






In tonight's episode of Little People, Big World you will see that Rocky passes away and Matt touched on how their beloved friend chose to leave this world...

"My best ole' friend slipped away from our heaven on Earth today. Rocky died peacefully right around noon.. outside on the grass right after making his morning rounds. He laid down on this patch of lawn (his favorite hang out) between the house and barn right in the middle of all the activity.. Jeremy went to pet him and realized he had passed away in this very spot.. Sadness has descended on Roloff Farm today. The entire family just happened to be home.. My old friend will be greatly missed. We Love you Rock."

At least Rocky was able to choose when and where, which was obviously, in what appears to be his favorite spot, where I'm guessing he could watch all the goings-on around him.

Any pet owner knows how this kind of loss can be such a horrible event in one's life.  Where suddenly there's this huge hole in your life, where once the unbridled love of a furry family member used to pour, now has an emptiness you can't define.

When my lab passed last year on Nov 17 2012, it left us wishing we had done more. 

Yet we were doing as much as we could.  Our biggest regret that I don't think we'll ever get over is leaving her in the vet's ICU for an overnight observation, but to only be called an hour later to be told the horrible news.

And that call came as we were rushing back through the front door of our vet's office.

No matter what, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself for abandoning our girl that night.

But it is what it is.  And it looks like Rocky had the best possible moment.

Our thoughts go out to the Roloff's.  Fellow pet owners know what you went through last June.


Don't go here until after the episode.  If you don't already know or don't want to be spoiled:


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