'Man of Steel' Leads New DVD/BD Releases This week on 11-12-13

This week the new DVD and Blu-ray products that are coming to market on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013, include superheroes, mass murderers, Akira, other goodies you might be interested in.  Plus, the holidays are fast approaching, so there might be "stuff" worth considering for your family and friends.


Man of Steel

'Man of Steel' on sale on dvd and blu-ray

Having netted a 7.5 on IMDb, this film stars Henry Cavill as the titular character in this new spin from director Zack Snyder, screenplay writer David Goyer and story writer Christopher Nolan.  Need I say more?

It runs 143 minutes and pulled a PG-13 rating.  And it's fun.

Other cast includes Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Harry Lennix and more.

I liked the movie and I'm grabbing the BD/DVD/UV combo pack.  They say this bad boy has 4 hours of special bonuses and if it is going to happen, this is the precursor film to WB/DC's Justice League movie world.


Dexter: The Complete Final Season

This very popular TV series has been given one of the highest ratings of any entertainment vision on IMDb, netting a 9.0 out of 10 from its users.

And I haven't seen it yet.  Though if you're a Netflix subscriber, you'll be getting the first 8 seasons.  All of which should be online by Jan of 2014.

But if you like your stuff in your hands, I don't blame you!



This new animated feature pulled a 6.3 from IMDb users and stars the voices of Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, the super fast snail.

I don't know what to tell ya!  6.3 is decent, which means you won't regret it and it's probably a great little animated family flick for everyone to huddle around at night.



Blackfish documentary on sale on dvd

This documentary is about the killer whale Tilikum who is responsible for the deaths of three individuals, including a top killer whale trainer.

There's a billion people playing themselves, including James Earl Jones, and the documentary netted a 7.9 on IMDb.


Other Titles I Noticed Coming Out

A 2nd Chance

A Country Christmas

Action Packed Movie Marathon, Vol. 2 (Bamboo Gods & Iron Men, Bulletproof, Trackdown & Scorchy)

Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Angelina Ballerina: Twirling Tales


Barney: Perfectly Purple

Best of Dance Moms

Black Devil Doll From Hell / Tales From The Quadead Zone Boxset

Burning Love: Complete First Season

Celebrity Billiards

Deadliest Catch: Season 8

Dear Dumb Diary

Dexter: The Complete Series Collection

Diagnosis Murder: Complete Collection

Dido: Live at Brixton Academy

Doin It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball New York

Family Ties: The Complete Series

First Time / Oriental Babysitter

Gene Autry: Collection 4


Grizzly Adams: The Capture of Grizzly Adams


Home Again

I Declare War (+ Digital Copy)

In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

Ip Man: The Final Fight

JFK Remembered: 50 Years Later

John F Kennedy: Years of Lightning Day of Drums

Last Tango in Halifax

MADtv: Season Four

Mod Squad: Complete Collection

Monster Pies


Mumfie's White Christmas

My Mother The Car: The Series

NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians: Volume 1


Power Rangers: Seasons Eight - Twelve

Power Rangers: Zeo, Vol. 1

Prince Avalanche

Red Vs. Blue Season 11

Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine

Rising from Ashes


Silk: Season One

The Bat (Film Chest Restored Version)

The Blue Hour Triple Feature

The Candidate / Johnny Gunman

The Greatest Walk: The Story of the Open Golf Championship 2013 (The Official Film)

The Naughty List

The Paradise: Season One

Transatlantic Sessions 6

Triple Crossed

Turbo (+ Toy Racer)

World's Greatest Super Friends: Season 4

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