Miley Cyrus MTV Programming Alert/Warning

Did you know that on some cable boxes, you can actually block whole channels?

Good... because you may need it.

MTV is hosting an 8-hour block of shows hosted by the child-gone-wild Cyrus and I'm thinking you might want to protect yourselves from accidental exposure!

The press release starts as follows:

MTV is handing the network over to world renowned entertainer and multiplatinum recording artist Miley Cyrus on Saturday, November 23 for an 8-hour celebration of the pop-culture queen’s 21st birthday, hosted by none other than Miley herself. The MTV / Miley collective has generated some of pop culture’s biggest moments of the year including two headline-grabbing performances at the “2013 MTV VMAs” in August and the “2013 MTV EMA” this month.

I feel bad for whoever had to actually write that.

If, in the off chance, someone is a fan, here's one more bit for you, that you might want to be interested in:

Throughout the day, Smilers who tweet birthday wishes to #HappyBirthdayMiley or post Instagram video messages beginning today will have the chance to appear on the network throughout the 8-hour celebration.

- - -

I can't bring myself to post any more of this info about the girl-child... but I thought I'd put it out there since I know my primary demographic that hangs out around Cinema Static would want to be warned.

I'd suggest a road trip to somewhere a few hours away.  This way, there will be no accidental exposure.

Or maybe, dads, just pull the breakers to the house for the day.

Or hide your cable box and remotes!

(this was a humor-spun editorial on an actual press release.)

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