Network Static, Ryan Hurst, Body of Proof, Revenge sucks and more...

Today's collected TV news bits and static include

Ryan Hurst "SoA's Opie" Love for dogs

Body of Proof News (or not)

Tales From the Darkside getting dug up one more time,

CBS's New Midseason Drama Intelligence

And How ABC's Revenge is Sucking More Than Ever

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Ryan Hurst

Not sure if you knew it or not, but Ryan Hurst, who played the ill-fated Opie on Sons of Anarchy, but he and Theo Rossi and Kim Coates are supporters of dog shelter adoptions.

The other week these three put together a bit on supporting the Love, Protect, Adopt campaign.

He says to make smart choices for adoption besides the fact that something is "cute."  He also touches on how Pit Bulls are pre-judged, for no reason.


- - -

The CW's New Drama, call THE COVER

The CW is taking a leap with a new series they've ordered a script for called The Cover.

It's the story of a young FBI trying to infiltrate the Irish Mob in the Boston area.  The script is being written by Matt Michnovetz (24) and exec produced by John Morayniss and Michael Rosenberg.

If the net likes the script, it goes straight to production.


ABC Is NOT Bringing Back Body of Proof

Rumor has it that despite Body of Proof being one of ABC's top watched series, it won't be returning.

Reports are that star Dana Delany tweeted that the show is not returning.

The problem?  My guess is that despite the large number of viewers, they majority sat outside of the desirable money-spending demographic.

- - -

The CW Rebooting Tales From the Darkside

I'm not sure about this one, but it seems that the CW is trying to reboot Tales From the Darkside... yet again.  How many times has someone kept trying this?

Stephen King's son, Joe Hill, is the "creator" of the series, while being exec produced by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, known for quite a few shows, like Hawaii Five-0, Sleepy Hollow, the Star Trek movies... and a bucket load more.


Shudder, Other Reboots

I saw news that there are a few other "I can't come up with something new..." I mean reboots in the pipe...

Murder, She Wrote on NBC (Which back then, I remember thinking it was a show about a nosy old woman)

And Roots on History channel.


Josh Holloway's new Show, Intelligence

If you were a fan of Josh Holloway on the ghost show, Lost, you might be happy to see he's got a new show coming out on CBS on January 14th, 2014.

It's called Intelligence, and Holloway plays a secret agent guy who has a computer chip in his head.  The chip allows him to hack into networks.

Marg Helgenberger (CSI), Michael Rady, John Billingsley and P.J. Byrne co-star.

WAIT... I thought Helgenberger was "leaving CSI" to take a break from TV and live her life?  What happened there?  Hmm, best not dwell, considering how folks keep leaving the show.

Eh, I like her presence in shows... so no real problem, I'm just confused.

- - -

Revenge Is Over The Top And Under the Ratings

I don't know about you, but ABC's Revenge seems to have taken a huge run at jumping a shark.  Any shark.  It was the modern day "Count of Monte Cristo" tale and was doing a fine job at it.  WAS.

Now-a-days the series is hitting all time lows in their ratings and the story is getting rediculous.

The show took this WEIRD direction turn in the story.

It was actually a great guilty pleasure in the first two seasons as Emily (Emily VanCamp) was taking down everyone responsible for the downfall of her father.

But this season has pulled out every "whore in hiding," revenge-bent, murder-bent, divorce-bent, money-stealing-bent character in the book.

From the over-the-top acting (strong word?) from Madeleine Stowe and Henry Czemy, to the fact that random characters are turning suddenly spiteful and evil (aka, Charlotte Grayson or Jack Porter) and everyone is out to get everyone, Revenge seems to have tossed out the outline they had started with and decided to make it a live-action cartoon of maladies.

The only likable character left... well, likable in that one does not hate him, is Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel Mann.  Everyone else has been given the go-ahead to be over-dramatic and under-interesting.

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