Paul Walker Dies at Age 40 in Car Crash

Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash

Several media outlets are reporting that actor Paul Walker (The Fast and Furious film franchise) has died in a car accident this afternoon (Saturday, 11-30-13) in the Santa Clarita, CA region.

According to multiple sources, Paul was taking people on test drives in a (or his) Porsche GT to raise money for victims of the Philippines typhoon, in association with a car show.

Reportedly, the driver of the Porsche lost control and hit a tree, exploding and bursting into flames.  (There were two occupants in the vehicle, and it's unclear who was driving yet.  A new source called me and said Paul was the passenger.)

The accident took place in the 28300 address of Rye Canyon Loop, in Valencia.

They say it's unclear what caused the accident.  Having lived in that exact region, I'd suggest the tempting width and smoothness of the relatively new streets in that business district can draw undisciplined drivers into a false sense of bravado and untested skilled.

It was such a twisted piece of fate, that Paul passes away in a car, much like the fast cars he drove in the Fast and Furious film franchise.  So sad.

He was presently filming the 7th Fast And Furious film.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.


One source, CBS Los Angeles, only reported that crash, saying the County Coroner will identify the crash victims.

TMZ, who first reported the accident and dug for the info, is the source of the crash victims identities.  They say that Paul's rep confirmed his death.


UPDATED/Correction 12/1/13:

Paul was in Santa Clarita, in association with his charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

Further updates say his friend and co-owner Roger Rodas, himself a race car driver, was the driver of the car.

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