Possible Man of Steel Sequel Movie Titles AND Possible Movie Spoilers

Possible Man of Steel Sequel Movie Titles

For the time being we all know that the Man of Steel sequel has been dubbed Batman vs. Superman, because, well, a much older Batman will be in it.  (Who will be played by Ben Affleck.)

But last night I came across an interesting bit of news, if you can call it that.  And in the process of exploring and researching, I present an interesting premise below that could very well be a Man of Steel 2 story spoiler.  (But I'm rarely ever right, so probably not, but I thought I'd warn you.)

The website Fusible has a very attentive team over there and they took note of a slew of web site registrations by the mysterious MarkMonitor.

(MarkMonitor is a Boise, ID based company that registers domain names for clients, thus, protecting the client from unwanted attention.  Sometimes.  Not so much in this case.  They've registered close to 200,000 domains to date for various clients, but when the world is watching, it's hard to hide things like domain names for a movie everyone and their mother is interested in.)


So Fusible's J.B. dug pretty deep and found these web domains registered (There's a .com and .net for each title, except one.):


- battletheknight.com
- battletheknightmovie.com
- beyonddarknessmovie.com
- blackofknight.com
- darknessfallsmovie.com
- knightfalls.com
- knightfallsmovie.com
- manofsteelbattletheknight.com
- manofsteelblackofknight.com
- manofsteeldarknessfalls.com
- manofsteelknightfalls.com
- manofsteelshadowofthenight.com
- manofsteeltheblackesthour.com
- manofsteelthedarknesswithin.com
- shadowofthenightmovie.com
- theblackesthour.com
- theblackesthourmovie.com
- thedarknesswithinmovie.com

The conjecture is that one of these domains could be the title of the Man of Steel sequel.

I can't argue with that premise, considering, but here's another premise that's come to mind... these could be preemptive strikes to keep some folks from registering like titled websites.  And hence, some of these miscreants won't be able to profit off mistaken identities.

Conjecture and Possible SPOILER ensue... if I'm even close to being right!

The Dark Knight Falls

In the comics world, where Batman and Superman do fight, the collected series is called The Dark Knight Returns, and focuses on Bruce Wayne, at the ripe old age of 55, coming out of retirement to do some clean up.

But it's also set in an alternate kind of future.

It also has a Robin of sorts, Joker, Oliver Queen and the government agent, Superman. 

In the story, Supes stops a nuclear missile but the fallout causes the classic nuclear winter.  And through it all, Batman's Gotham City is the safest port in the country.

The Govt sends a weakened Superman in to stop Batman (because his efforts are making them look bad) while Bats has Oliver Queen on his side with a kryptonite arrow.

(Superman is weakened because the nuclear fallout blocks the sun's radiation.)

During the fight, it appears as if Batman, just before he puts down Clark, dies from a heart attack, but, well....  you get the drift.

In that particular chapter, the stand-alone graphic novel is titled “The Dark Knight Falls.

So with those details in mind, of all of these obvious site names, I'm thinking, if I had to choose, I'd guess (and my guesses are NEVER right), and, leaning towards the one address that did not have a complimentary .net address with it,

Man of Steel: Knight Falls

Even so, that seems so obvious that they did not order the .net name with it.  (At least in Fusible's list.)

But hey, like I always like to say, "Time will be the telling factor."  And we all have to be patient!

More than likely, the last time we saw news about web addresses and movie titles, the title of that movie was officially announced not too long afterward.  So maybe we won't have to wait too long to hear the news.


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