'Sons of Anarchy' Review of S6, Ep 10, 'Huang Wu'


'Sons of Anarchy' Review of S6, Ep 10, 'Huang Wu'

In Sons of Anarchy episode titled "Haung Wu," we watch Wendy spiral, we watch Tara spiral, we watch... oh crap, most everyone is in a spiral of some sorts, from Clay to the Irish.


The ep opens with Tara finding Jax holding his child.  He tells her to stay put.  Someone's always watching.  And that he has to put distance between them before someone gets hurt.

We spend a few minutes seeing Gemma, Nero, Wayne, Clay and a few others going through some routines, all reflecting back to plans that have been set in motion.

Clay's court date has been moved up and that's a problem for the plans that the Irish have for him.


Collette's escort service got a clean bill of health from the city.

Jax tells most of the club about Tara's duplicitous plans.

The club meets with Galen and finds out the Irish need men to pull off Clay's escape from his early transit.  They have an emergency meeting, but to be honest, the club needs this to help effect their exit from this dirty business.


Tara tells Wendy what's up with Jax finding everything out.  Wendy tells her she should come clean and bare her soul to Jax and Gemma.  Tara doesn't like it.  As she leaves, she backs up over Juices bike, losing the tail Jax put on her.

Jax has their gun running meeting with the Irish, but Galen pulls one over their eyes and kills a Chinese team member.  This could present a problem for SAMCRO later on.


Nero and Wayne have some quality chat time, and I believe, they've met in the middle, while driving on over to check on Wendy.

Jax and club get the other end of the Chinese anger and find themselves ambushed.  But all the Chinese want is back in on the gun business that the Irish are squeezing them out of.

Jax tells them that the Irish have a meet the next day.  (The same thing he's told DA Patterson)

The new dynamic duo of Nero and Wayne find Wendy in a midst of a high, and a small kitchen fire.

Tara finds Jax AT Collette's, with Collette ON Jax and snaps.  Not sure why, but she does.


As the ep winds down, Jax gets his kids from daycare, Tara is carrying around a gun, looking to make a phone call to someone.  Gemma takes Wendy to rehab, at her home.  Wayne and Nero are hanging out.  Clay is in his cell, pensive.

Jax is working on a bike in his garage, with a baby monitor next to the bike.  Another classic closing visual from Kurt Sutter on Sons of Anarchy.

Or at least I thought that was the closing scene.  Then we see something I didn't see coming.

Tara GOES to the DA, looking to spill the beans on SAMCRO and get her deal.  But Patterson has bigger fish to fry and is already working on another deal for her, via Jax's arrangements with turning over Galen.  Patterson only says that that deal is off the table now.

Tara ambles out of her office, saying no one can help her.

As Gemma said to her earlier, the story to tell the kids can be either "Mommy moved away" or "Mommy passed away."  It's up to her.

- - -

Things are angry and sad within the ranks of SAMCRO and all their business dealings.

Gemma is calming down as the truth has filtered out and the club is getting nervous as their "exit plan" with the Irish is getting more and more complicated.

Wendy is spiraling out of control, but Gemma has taken her home to look after her.  (I swear, one season Gemma is jacking her up, the next, threatening her, and now this one, well a little of both, while looking after her.)  Maybe she realizes that just maybe, keeping her sane and clean, will help her situation in getting the children under her wing.

Galen... even though I like him, he needs to get shot.  Plain and simple.  He seems a bit more rogue in his approach to his dealings with the club.

Then there's Tara.

Talk about sleeping in the bed you make.  She had a good plan, but too much was dependent on superior timing, and that timing has turned to shit.  Everything she was plotting is out, Jax knows, and Tara seems to only have two options.  Leave, or die.

With her carrying a gun around everywhere, I was expecting her to kill herself on the sidewalk in front of Collette's place.

She's in a tough spot and I have to wonder if Patterson may revisit with her later... if she's still around.

OH, byw, that song in the closing scenes was by The White Buffalo, called Oh Darlin', What Have I Done?, from the album, "Prepare for Black and Blue."  This isn't the first time we've heard their music on the show.  And they always have a quiet sort of strength to their music.  I bought the MP3 single before I finished writing this TV review.

- - -

{ Oh Darlin' What Have I Done }
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