'The Walking Dead' Episode 'Live Bait' Review

'The Walking Dead' Episode 'Live Bait' season 4, episode 6 Review


In the 6th episode of season 4 of The Walking Dead, the episode is titled "Live Bait."  So the Governor (The Gov) seems to have survived, but worse for wear.  He seems to not care, and is staggering from point to point.  He's numb from all his loss and his old gang leave him behind.

In his staggering wanderings, he meets some folks and tells them his name is Brian Heriot.  (Hey, The Governor's real name is Philip Blake!  But the name he gives the girls is a name he saw on a wall of names.)

These folks are living in an apartment building of sorts and he ends up helping them in their day-to-day routines.

Including protecting them from their own family member who dies from cancer and dies.

The rest of the episode was The Gov's experience with this family, his dealing with the loss of his own, and letting go.  And then deciding to leave his temporary shelter and the family tagging along with him.


It was an interesting episode where, no matter what nice things The Gov does for the family, we're always going to not trust him.  Yet has he changed?  Is he burned out from being evil or truly seen where things went awry and learned?

I can't get past my gut reaction of not trusting his intent.  But I could be wrong.

It was an amazing episode to see it focused on a sole character, but it was done well.  And judging from the previews, we might be seeing another Governor-centric episode.

(IN The Talking Dead show that follows the show, I think David Morrissey gave up a spoiler.  HENCE, this might be a spoiler you don't want to see.  Even if it's a conjecture on my part.

The host tossed out a question about Carol and how she and The Gov would get along.  The way Morrissey started answering the question, then attempted to smoothly redirect what he was saying, I think Carol, being out there, may encounter The Gov.  Now whether they join forces or not, well, that's something that remains to be seen.  Even if they dwelled on it in conversation for a bit.)
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