AGENTS OF SHIELD Mid-Season Finale ep, 'The Bridge' Recap

SPOILERS from the mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD, titled "The Bridge."

Review, Clark Gregg and J. August Richards in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The opening reminder reminded us of Coulson's eight seconds of being dead, Mike Peterson, and the people of Centipede.  Then we are shown a prison break effected by a Centipeded, Extremis-powered agent.

Skye is still looking for her mother and we had 1 Captain America reference and 1 Avengers (Heroes of New York toys) reference in the episode.

Coulson snags Mike Peterson (from the first episode) from a SHIELD training facility to help with the fight against Centipede.  And May isn't happy about it. (When is she happy???)  The rest of the team is a bit nervous about it also.

We learn a little bit about Coulson's romantic past, a cellist.  But after he "died" and had to keep up the pretense, their relationship ended.  (That's two references.   Just waiting for # three.)

Their first encounter with Centipede turned out to be a trap, but they managed their way through it.  That, and Centipede, seeing Peterson in action, now wants him for their next stage of soldier.  Or so we were (mis)led to believe.

The almost truth comes out about Skye's mom, but not quite.

Then Centipede goes and does it and threatens Mike's kid if he doesn't turn himself in to them.

But it turns out that Centipede wanted Coulson instead of Peterson.  As things go down, they get away with Phil, and they even fire on Ward, who was in a sniper position far away from the trade off site.  It seems he was hit.

AH, there it is... NUMBER THREE!!! Centipede wants Coulson because they want to know about the day after he died fighting Loki!  (And here I was freaking out they might be wanting his parts, if it turns out, he's an LMD (Life Model Decoy)!)

At least this time around, the usual three references to Coulson's death seemed more fluid and natural to the story line of the episode than most. 

I didn't find the ep too trying in the delivery of the usual message we've been pounded with all season long, with the exception of a few episodes.  But in this case, Coulson's death is the motivation of the story.  So it didn't feel like the usual red herring it is.

It was a decent cliff-hanger.  And the previews for the upcoming back half of the season promises intrigue and challenges for the team and it seems, especially Skye.

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