SURVIVOR BLOOD versus WATER season finale

SURVIVOR BLOOD versus WATER season finale winner is...

The season finale of Survivor, Blood vs. Water, came and went.  And it produced a satisfying winner!

SPOILERS ensue....

We get the recap of this season's highlights, then of last week's events, and now, the final duel on Survivor's redemption island.

It's a "simple" balancing act of holding a balancing beam with a pot on the other end of it.  And who ever outlasts here, gets back in the game.  It's Tina, Laura and Hayden.  At first, Laura looks pretty shaky.  But then Hayden drops out first while wiping sweat from his eyes.

Laura then begs Tina to let her have it.  (WHY?  If Tina drops out, she eliminates herself from the potential of winning a million bucks.  Pretty funny Laura, pretty funny.)

And then after the 30-minute mark, TINA wins her first redemtion island duel and gets back into the game.

Ciera, after her blatant, outright pack of lies last week about Tyson, is starting her kiss butt routine with Tina.


The first immunity challenge involved more balancing, small wooden blocks and some rope.  Tyson played a pretty cool game and won immunity.

Back at camp, Ciera starts the buttering program.  (She makes me sick, but I work with someone like her, so I'm almost immune.)

Now the bartering amongst the players commences, as we see who they want to vote out.  There are some good arguments going back and forth.

At tribal council, Ciera pitches more outright lies about Tyson and putting words in his mouth.  (What a desperate b!)

Tyson plays the immunity idol and gives it to Gervas.  Just as well to, as Gervas got two votes.

CIERA gets voted out.  LOL.  Nice!!!  Karma takes out the fork-tongued player.

- - -

The final immunity challenge was an obstacle course collecting puzzle pieces and building a simple puzzle.  Of sorts.  It starts to look like it's between Monica and Tyson.  Then Gervase and Tyson and Monica.  (But Tyson ain't good at puzzles.)


At the final tribal council, Tina is voted out.

That means that Monica, Tyson and Gervase stuck it out together to the end.  They are now the final three and it's on the jury who wins the bucks.

The final three are all veterans of Survivor.

- - -

With the last 30 minutes of the two-hour finale, we were treated to the debate between the players and the jury.

The usual bit of noise took place here, from bitter jury members, false bravado from our finalists, playing "poor me" cards, and critical questions of the finalists.

If you've seen the show, you've seen this before.

Monica cried a lot.


The votes are in, THERE WAS NO MEMORY LANE walk (thank god!) and they were off to Los Angeles, where everyone "looks different, cleaner and fatter!"

And TYSON WINS Survivor BLOOD versus WATER!

Congratulations to Tyson.  It was a well earned win by a popular contestant.

The next season of Survivor will be called Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty.

Thanks for coming by readers!

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