THE AMAZING RACE S23 season finale recap and Winners

Eleven teams started this 23rd season of The Amazing Race...  The usual game-play, ticking off, surprising and cementing the failure of several teams took place. 

Jason and Amy - the cute couple.

Nicole and Travis (Dr.'s.) -  We saw how he treats her like an infant at times.  Not fond of them because if Travis.

Tim and Marie (Angry couple) - Almost entertaining to watch, how condescending she can be.  I'd like to see them fail because of her.

Leo and Jamal (Cousins) - Almost losing their grasp on the race, they survived by the skin of their teeth in a non-elimination round last week.


Jason/Amy leave Indonesia first for Tokyo, looking for a lucky charm cat statute. (They're about just doing what they do)  Then Tim/Marie.  (They're about the million dollars)  Nicole/Travis.  (Focused being so close and how they don't like losing.  Per Travis.) and last, was Leo/Jamal.  (Always giddy and happy, they have an extra challenge because the last round was a non-elimination round.)


The first challenge is either listening to a message in a submerged phone in a tank full of gold fish.  Or compete in a human bowling TV contest.  Being in a different plane from the others, Leo/Jamal hit up the first challenge first.

Tim/Marie also went bowling. 

Then Leo/Jamal had to tackle that speed bump associated with being last, last week.  It was a weird thing, participating in a zookeeper animal capture drill.

After all was said and done, everyone came together in a robot building test.  Amy and Nicole worked on one bot, Marie just steps up and catches up like there's no tomorrow.  Despite getting there last.

Marie finished before all of them.  Jason said it was embarrassing that Marie came in last as a woman and left first.  Really??  (Sometimes it's interesting to see some true perspectives come out under duress.)

Tim/Marie were off to find a walking vending machine.  Then off to find a thousand year old complex and first at the check-in.

Jason/Amy left the robot site second, Nicole/Travis - third.  Travis is such an ahole to Nicole, berating her because he could have done this better than she did.  What a !!!!

The editing made it look like a close foot race between Nicole/Travis and Leo/Jamal.  (COME On CBS... this is your oldest trick you pull every episode!)

The final three competing for the win are Jason/Amy, Tim/Marie and Nicole/Travis.  Leo/Jamal were eliminated.


Can you believe that Tim and Marie sign a contract that insured her a 60/40 split of the winnings???

This is it... from Tokyo to Juneau, Alaska.  It was an ugly, desperate scramble for taxis.  But what's new, we've seen Amy/Jason taxi skills before.

Now the teams have to participate in a simulated supply drop from an airplane.  The women do this challenge giving Travis another change to bitch about his other half.  After a few tries, Amy nailed it.  Marie nailed it after more than a dozen tries.  There's Travis, doing what Travis does when Nicole flounders.  (Well, if she stays with it, she deserves it.)  After 21 tries, Nicole nails it and Travis is such a smug ass to her in the helicopter ride to the glacier.

Then off to a ice expedition on a glacier.  Find the clue in the ice, and chip it out.

Jason/Amy get their first, then Tim/Marie.  Angry Travis/Nicole third.

Oh!  But as they dig out clues, there are some in the ice that just say "try again."  There's a nice twist.

An, the next leg is a kayak ride to an island.

Then a helicopter ride back to Juneau and "Blueberry Hill trail head."  Huh ho.  This is the equalizer... they need to build a wall of totem poles, but arranged by the type of national currency, in the order they spent them.

Jason and Amy seemed to have a strong lead at this point.  LOL... Jason asks the taxi driver if he speaks English.  Dude, you're in America now!  But this can stop someone in their tracks.

Jason and Amy finish this challenge first and they're off to The Amazing Race
finish line.

Meanwhile, Travis is muttering that he is doing this by himself!  And he starts berating Nicole again.

We saw Jason and Amy leave first, but the editing is trying to make it look like it's a close race, but it's not.

Jason and Amy win The Amazing Race, season 23

Jason and Amy win The Amazing Race, season 23.

Next season will be an all-star season, but they didn't tell us who.

OH, and Phil called out Marie and she confessed that when she saw the application for the race, Tim just happened to be next to her.  He also made her fess to the financial arrangement she forced Tim to sign, where she'd get a 60/40 split of the winnings.  She almost got her 60% share.

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