THE WALKING DEAD 2013 Mid-Season Finale

David Morrissey in THE WALKING DEAD 2013 Mid-Season Finale


This is a recap/review of the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead episode, titled "Too Far Gone."

In it, we see some familiar characters pass from the group while the prison group itself found itself routed from the sanctuary of their fences and walls.  Yes, The Governor did it again, giving it his usual double-talk flair... and yes, you must might cry over this one.


In the opening act of the episode, we watch The Governor (The Gov) surprise and kidnap Hershel and Michonne.  Then turn to his new camp of lemmings and convince them that they need to take the prison, because it's full of murderers.

Yes, he's using his usual sneaky mode of operandi.

Back at the prison, Rick finally gets to tell Daryl what he did with Carol... Daryl was agitated, but he didn't react like I thought it would.  They went to tell Tyreese about Carol, but a few things took place that prevented them from doing so.

First was Tyreese showing them a dissected rat.  The other was The Gov ringing the doorbell, with a shell shot into the side of the prison with his tank.

Yep, that's one serious doorbell!

David Morrissey, Scott Wilson and Danai Gurira in the mid-season finale of THE WALKING DEAD

The Gov offers to let Rick's people walk away, unharmed, or he will kill Michonne and Hershel.

Meanwhile, back that the camp, Meghan gets bitten by a walker.  Or more accurately, the mud dweller bites her.

Oh, this could be a very bad thing.


The Gov and Rick barter... Rick pitches that they can all live under one roof.  The prison is big enough.  The Gov doesn't seem to sway to that idea.  (All the while, Hershel is smiling, seeing how far Rick has come, bartering with common sense instead of violence.)

But The Gov kills Hershel, in cold blood, starting a fire fight.


Then Lily shows up with the body of Meghan...

Rick and Gov go at it, but as Gov got the upper hand, Michonne shows up, finishing the job.  (Well, leaves him to bleed out.)

Lizzie stepped up during the battle, doing a mini-Carol impersonation.  Daryl destroys the tank with a grenade down the muzzle!  And though Michonne left the Gov to die or be eaten, Lily walks up and offs him.  (He had just put a bullet in Meghan's head before she could turn.)


The mid-season finale left us with a mild form of a cliff hanger, but nothing like some shows might do to us, and that's something worth respecting.

The Governor experienced a bucket full of emotions, and even though he said he was giving the prison folk time to walk, he was just looking for an excuse to start smiting.

It wasn't just a kill that Gov put down on Hershel... he sliced into Hershel's throat, and while Hershel tried to scramble away, during the gun fight, Gov took the time to actually stand over him and finish his beheading.  And he seemed to like it.

I don't know why Rick had to tackle Gov and not just shoot him dead, but it made for a good rescue by Michonne.  Well, I was hoping, but holding my breath while hoping.

The Gov's attack on the prison sent the group scattering.  They're all broken up and having run off in different directions.  Rick and Carl in one direction.  Maggie and a few others in a different directions.

And what happened to Judith?  Her baby seat was empty, but freshly blood stained.


THE GOVERNOR IS DEAD, long live the Governor!  (Oh thank god. I hated hating him!)

RIP Hershel.  Your fatherly ways will be missed.

We still need to learn who was the one who was playing with the rats.  We have to learn what happened to Judith.  We have to figure out what that one weird ad was in the middle of the episode was, with rats outside the courtroom.  (Did you see that ad?)

The Walking Dead returns from this mid-season break on February 9th, 2014

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