About Syfy's Helix (A press call)

About Helix on Syfy, a press conference

If you're curious about Helix, premiering on Syfy Friday, 1-10-14, there was a press call where series star Kyra Zagorsky and executive producer Steve Maeda (Lost, X-Files, Lie to Me) were answering some questions.

Here's a snippet of what was mentioned.

Helix takes place in the Artic because it sets a sense of isolation for the characters.  It keeps the characters contained inside with the problem.


It was shot in Montreal, and thus, it's all studio shot.


There's concern that TV fans will approach this show thinking zombies.  (I myself felt like we were seeing  a Paul Anderson Resident Evil tease when I saw the TV promos)

The production staff understands that there will be a certain trope they'll be compared to.  To distinguisg the show from other zombie shows, they point out that the 'not zombies' are called vectors, and that they're not mindless eating machines.

In fact, they'll be more intelligent that you might expect.

And that this condition comes from a virus.

And a different aspect of describing the series would be that it's an "viral outbreak" series.

At least, that's how it starts out as.  (You can define that any way you want.)


The focus of the series is that there's a psychological thriller aspect to keep you on the edge of your seat.

And the situation puts characters in dark situations, forcing them to do things they would not otherwise do.


There will be plenty of opportunity for guest appearances because this isolated base in Helix staffs 106 scientists and various support staff.


The show will take place when what they call a "tight time period."  That means in most cases, any one of the thirteen episodes will take place within the time frame of a single day.

So that means this thirteen episode series takes place over a period of just thirteen days.


Cast weren't given a "bible."  Meaning that they know the outcome of their characters fates.  They learn or discover their fate with each new script received.

(That doesn't surprise me.  Word on the street was that Ron Moore's production of Battlestar Galactica was winging it, script to script at a certain point.  It obviously mostly worked, with the exception of how they grasped at straws to close the series out.)


Will the "vectors" be gross, like zombies?  You bet they will!  But the taget goal with the creatures and the plot is that rather than gross, an unavoidable aspect of the situation... but they're shooting for disturbing!


Most folks in the press call have seen the preview episodes and had good things to say about it.  If you take that away from this, then this could be a good Friday night series to catch on Syfy...  if you dare.

The promo art above reminds me of a movie called Splinter.  Fun flick!

Helix, from Ronald D. Moore, premieres Friday, January 10th on Syfy.  It stars Billy Campbell, Jordan Hayes, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kyra Zagorsky, and Mark Ghanim.

Check your local listings.]

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