AFV Looks Very, Very Different These Days

ABC's America's Funniest Videos (AFV) seems to have changed a little bit.  Or maybe a lot.  The show has been on TV since 1989 and in the beginning it was pretty funny.  And if I remember correctly, there was always a bit about no harm coming to the participants.

And back then, the concept was fun.  But now if feels like many of the videos seem so staged, or so trite that we've seem them again and again and again over the years.  I presume that the viewership must be rotating often, or the show would have failed with the original viewers having bailed a long time ago.

And then there's videos that made the top-three finalists on the particular episode I caught tonight.

One of the finalist videos, a pee wee football field goal kicker kicks a hard hit, but all it does is knock out a pee wee defender.  Flat on his back.

Then there's the other finalist that somehow thinks it's OK when a family puts a butterfly on a baby's face.  But it ends with the baby reaching up and crushing the butterfly to death in his grubby, cute little grip. 

Last time I checked, killing things was uncool in these videos.  But now I guess there's new rules these days.


It seems that the tone of the show has elevated slightly from totally non-violent to slightly more aggressive.  It's a bit disappointing if that's what we're finding as entertaining these days.
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