Are NFL Cheerleaders Getting Ripped Off?

When you watch football, you get the occasional glimpse of the scantily clad women on the sidelines "cheering on their team."

I never thought much of it, but as you watch football, it's an enjoyable aspect of most sports.

And I had never thought about what they get paid.  I presume, with all their exposure, that they're compensated appropriately.  And on top of that, if they net themselves a well paid husband from the ranks of the well paid athletes in their sport, then BONUS!

But it seems that my assumption that they're paid well might be incorrect.  At leat as it seems, when it comes to the cheerleaders for the Raiders!

In a CBS news piece I came across, they talk about one cheerleader leading the charge to fix their work scenario, and I have to say, it's pretty scary.

Here's some snippets from that article:

{...cheerleaders allegedly earn barely enough to afford their own pom-poms.

...women wait nine months to see a paycheck

...suffer from a litany of fines (Forgetting your yoga mat, wear the wrong workout clothes, etc.)

The article says that a Raiderette gets paid $125 per home game but not for practice and their pay comes out to about $5 per hour.  Other teams are noted for getting less... per home game.

And money dropped on maintaining their status as a cheerleader is not reimbursed.

And if they complain, they're told that there are many more women out there that want to replace them.


To be honest, this is surprising, considering how many millions each NFL team member can make.  Or the franchise of each team, as a whole.

It's crazy and surprising.

Here's the CBS News Piece,
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