DirecTV Stops Carrying The Weather Channel

No, there's nothing wrong with your set.  They have taken control and it is out of your hands.  (Or some such line like that, to make you think about the classic TV series, Twilight Zone!)

But in all seriousness, if you have DirecTV and you've noticed some cheap stand in weather station for The Weather Channel on DTV, that's because financial talks have failed between the two business entities, and you, the consumer, get to lose out because of it.

More and more these days business entities have financial snits and then the network you have come to love goes off the air from the carrier you are stuck with.  And it is a very unfortunate situation for you, the entertainment consumer.

But it is what it is and money drives the world.

Aside from the public comments flying back and forth between the two entities, there are ways around this noise.

Though it's not going to be quite the same.

There's always the weather channel app for your smart devices.

There's always {}, where there's a bit about taking action in regards to this gap in your DTV coverage.

Or you can put up with the start up network DTV has put in front of you.

But any way, that's why you're not seeing The Weather Channel on your DirecTV subscription.  Money.

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