Latest Movie Reviews: Lone Survivor, Blackfish, FF6 and more

Lone Survivor movie review

HEY!  I just realized that since I've been focusing movie review content more on my parent website,, you guys might have been missing out on "expert" opinion and observations of some of the latest movies I've partaken in.

I define expert to mean, in my world, what I like, how I like it, and how I interpret things.  Which is always an evolving scale.

Let's take a peek at some of my latest content over there,

  • 'Lone Survivor' (2013) Review
  • "Peter Berg took an action flick and paid the armed services one of the best tributes I’ve ever seen on film.  A tribute via a visceral experience capped with touching memories of those involved."
  • 'RED 2' (2013) Review
  • "Director Dean Parisot (Fun with Dick and Jane, Galaxy Quest) takes over the reigns of the franchise, and delivers a fresh new feel to the movie that doesn’t ignore the feel of the first one, while adding some extra fun and humor to this version."
  • Jack Reacher (2012) Review
  • "I was surprised to see that the film had some decent story elements that I didn’t see coming."
  • 'Blackfish' Review (Eye Opening)
  • "After watching Blackfish, I’m reminded of the dark side of the horse racing industry and now, after watching this film from Gabriela Cowperthwaite, I’m stunned.  Speechless."
  • 'Fast & Furious 6' (2013) Review
  •  "Watching this movie begin, I was worried about the “whale in the room,” that being the late Paul Walker.  I, like all fans, have been greatly saddened by his premature passing.  I was worried about being distracted by his presence, but the story, action, and humor took me away from my concerns, as it should."
  • Review 'Prisoners' (2013)
  • "Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in a very tense crime drama about the kidnapping of two children, an impatient and angry father, and a slightly quirky detective who follows all the right clues, and then some."
  • 'The Wolverine' (aka Wolverine 2) Review 
  • "Hugh Jackman reprises his role in yet another Wolverine movie as Logan/Wolverine where we get to see an adaptation on a very popular chapter from the comic’s past, from the Frank Miller and Chris Claremont ’80s storyline, where Logan finds himself in Japan, encountering Mariko, lots of Ninja and The Silver Samurai.
    Except, it’s the classic definition of “adapted,” where they based the premise on something, then went off and changed up so much that it isn’t quite that original story.  But hey, it’s Hollywood."
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