Sons of Anarchy Casting News

Drea de Matteo becomes series regular in SONS OF ANARCHY

FX's Sons of Anarchy has promoted Drea de Matteo to series regular for next season of Sons of Anarchy, TV Line reports.

As you might know, next season, SoA's seventh, will be its final season, but it's cool for Matteo to be upped to a regular cast member.

Considering what happened in the sixth season finale of Sons of Anarchy, I am completely not surprised by this announcement.

It's almost a herald of sorts.



DO NOT GO BEYOND HERE IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN LAST SEASON or more specifically, the Season finale






Considering that Gemma put a steak knife in Tara's brain last season, she's out of the picture.  And with Gemma, having gone bat-shgg crazy and on the run, I can't see her being the mother she always wanted to be, to Jax's two kids, Abel and Thomas.  At least Abel, and I'm guessing Thomas too.

That leaves drug rehabbing mom Wendy, played by Matteo.

Side Thought

So that has me wondering, Are we going to see that ghost again?  I thought we were done with her when we discovered her back story, but then we saw her watching over Juice, who was scattering evidence of the murder that Gemma committed...  so there may be more to her ghostly story yet to be told?

Who knows.  Well, Kurt Sutter does... 

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