Stan Lee to 'Agents of SHIELD'

 Stan Lee to Appear in AGENTS of SHIELD

I caught a piece on THR saying that Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber) will be appearing on ABC's Agents of SHIELD...  and it's about time.

Stan Lee has made it a great point to have some sort of quickie appearance in almost every Marvel movie ever produced.  It's cute to look for him to see where he shows up.

But Agents of SHIELD has not had the pleasure of a cameo by the illustrious Mr. Lee, the man behind the Marvel comics world.

THR is reporting that Stan Lee will be making an appearance on Agents of SHIELD, and not in a one-spot cameo, but in a "big role" in an episode of the ABC series.

It's about time to see him in this TV series.

Cool news.

Here's a few cool notes: 

Stan Lee got married in 1947... and from what I see, is still married to the same woman.  They have two children.  It's cool to see a 92-year-old man having as much fun he is having.  He deserves it.  He built an awesome comic empire that's turned into some awesome movies, legitimizing the world of comic book movies.

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