'The Walking Dead' Promo Art For Mid-Season Return

AMC has released some new teaser art for the upcoming 2nd part of season four of The Walking Dead.

'The Walking Dead' Promo Art For Mid-Season Return

Speaking of which, did anyone catch the AMC marathon of The Walking Dead for New Years?  I found it interesting to see the show today, and have a chance to compare it to the early episodes.

For one, Rick's accent was less stern.  The zombies were much faster in those early episodes and they climbed fences and used tools.  (In one scene, they busted through the glass doors of a store and two of them were carrying bricks!)

So the dead have become much slower and stupid over the seasons.  I wonder if that's intentional or just creative adjustments or the differences between the three different showrunners they've had?

Regardless, it was still fun to have the marathon on!

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