Upcoming Character Appearances on AGENTS OF SHIELD

Upcoming actor and/or Character Appearances on AGENTS OF SHIELD

If you're wondering where all the superhero and super bad guy characters are on ABC's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, here's a few interesting tidbits for apperances on the show:


The Lady Sif from the Thor movies, played by Jamie Alexander, will be showing up in an upcoming episode of the show.


If you recall, Mike Peterson is slowly getting into a bit of a pickle, since the last time we saw him, he woke up with one of those nasty eye cameras installed.
And we all know where that leads!

Yet it turns out, this man/machine combo is finally turning into a storied character from the comic books.  Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) will be becoming Deathlok.

About time!

They've tried to tease us as to if he'll be working for or against SHIELD, but in an interview, Richards said something about playing a super hero.

We'll see how he gets past that eye thing.


We're also getting Bill Paxton showing up later too, appearing as SHIELD agent John Garrett.

Garrett's legacy from the comics is that he becomes a cyborg of sorts.  Or, cybernetically enhanced.

We'll see how they convert this character for TV.

And don't forget, Stan Lee himself will be showing up soon too!


So why don't we see more of these appearances on Agents of SHIELD?

Because frankly, the actors who play the big guns in the movies cost too much.  Unless they've signed something in their existent contracts about TV appearances as part of the package, we probably won't get too much.

Who knows how many more cameos we'll get, or how much longer the show will continue.  Meaning, how many more seasons?  The show hasn't panned out like they'd like, but then again, they've had some infantile writing in the first half of the season. (How many times can one episode refer to an underlying mystery plot?)

Though it took a long time, I'd think it's finally finding its legs and getting better.  But that's from just a few episodes.

Let's hope!

{source: Marvel}
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