Wonder What the TV Ratings for 'Helix' Will Be?

TV Ratings for 'Helix'?

Boy am I curious about how the TV ratings will pan out for Syfy's newest show from Ronald D. Moore, Helix?  I ask because they slathered the network with a lot of the premiere!

You see when it premiered on Friday night, it kept re-airing, in the mode of how AMC or FX handles some of their heavy hitter shows.

Then when I turned on the TV the next day, Saturday, that's when I started wondering just how they're going to spin their numbers?

You see, Helix has only premiered the opening first and second episodes.  But these two episodes were in a huge loop.

Helix tv schedule

On Saturday it seems that these two episodes were on a repeat cycle that started 10PM Friday night and did not stop for any other show until 9PM Saturday.

That's 23 straight hours of the series premiere of Helix.


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