Are You Over THE BACHELOR Yet? Wasn't It "AMAZING?"

Tonight's episode (2/3/14) of The Bachelor with Juan Pablo didn't get five minutes into the episode when viewers were hit with an ad.  FIVE MINUTES!  Is that a record for a TV show or what?

Tonight's episode of desperate people milking ABC for a vacation was in Veitnam.  And if you step back and watch what everyone is saying, it gets more thin.

Everything they see, do or visit is "amazing!"

It would be interesting if the sound bytes seemed real, but they're hollow repeats of lines being fed to them.  Or at least that's the way they seem to me.

And then there's Clare...  despite being on a group date, Juan keeps ditching the other 7 to hang with Clare.  That's too funny, as the other women were wondering if they should just bring the rose to her?

And despite Juan telling one woman he's trying to be respectful and not kiss her, he's all over a few others.  This IS NOT RESPECTFUL if he's lying to the one woman because of his kid, while slobberling all over other girls.

Then later, when he finally lands one on the other single parent, OH, the music behind the scene... triumphant and victorious orchestrations!


And then there's Clare claiming they "went for it," in every way, while they were out in the warm ocean.

And while he's swapping spit with Nikki, the dialog is that he's thinking he likes her.

Rose Ceremony:  Are those short skirts legal on TV?

"It's hard, I'm liking this girls."  What? Can't ABC even do retakes or edits.

SO it's been called amazing and Chris Harrison calls Vietnam a beautiful experience.  Have you noticed that place is a giant sweat box?

And later, Juan tells Clare they made a mistake, as it seems obvious that their warm ocean swim became a tryst between single adults on TV!  Boom!  Salt water sex!




Who went home tonight?  (Kelly Travis, Alli Restko, & Danielle Ronco)

According to a theory presented by Reality Steve, (Yes Steve, I quoted you!) the man behind all the secrets and spoilers of the ABC tragedy dating series, he thinks that Juan Pablo is in it for the image and future gigs and not the women.  And that he's never dated a white woman in his life and that ...  well, I don't want to give it all away.

You can hit up his site to see what he has to say, but it gives A LOT away.

{ .realitysteve. }

I can't find much to disagree with him.  He seems ingenious, and after that homophobic statement he made a few weeks back, it seems no one cares, as the ratings take off for the series.


Well, this was fun.

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