Find Out When S2 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Returns

If you're a Netflix subscriber and happened upon the series titled Orange is the New Black, you know it's a pretty good show.

It stars Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Taryn Manning and Danielle Brooks.

The first season was a great starter as we follow the exploits of Piper (Schilling), as she is put in jail for a crime she was a part of many years ago.

She starts out an innocent victim of the jail system, and through various deeds and experiences, becomes just seasoned enough to stop suffering during her prison stint.

And as she goes through the various stages of learning how to survive, we meet the various inmates she associates with.  And they are a great cast of characters.

And it's hard to "put down," since Netflix puts all episodes of a season out in one fell swoop.

It's a good show.  It's like a women's prison version of Breaking Bad, as good things lead to bad things, then bad things lead back to good things, etc., etc..


In an ad after the House of Cards finale, Netflix announced that Orange is the New Black will be returning for season two on June 6th.

It will be a 13-episode season and this time around, the show will start to focus less on Piper and more on the rest of the cast ensemble.

As the first season developed, we were fed the origins of most of the other characters.  Seeing them make simple mistakes or stupid mistakes.  All actions that landed them in prison with Piper.


BTW:  The series is based on the memoirs of Piper Kerman, based on her own experiences in prison.  This is her story, made for web/TV.

Below is a teaser, though it seems quite terse with flashes of a few different characters.


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