THE BIGGEST LOSER 2014 Finale, and the Winners Are...

The Biggest Loser 2014 finale got right to it, showing us a few past contestants who are still kicking ass with their conditioning.  Except for Rachel... but more on her later.

Did you know that The Biggest Loser trainers have helped contestants lose 15 tons over the seasons?  Damn.

At home contestants, competing for the at home reward of $100k weighed in, three at a time and...

Jennifer lost 39.1% (104 lbs)
Fernanda lost 34.8% (87)
Hap      20.1% (81)
Matt     37.36% (133)
Chelsea  39.42% (95)
Holley   27.35%  (96)
Tanya    33.21% (87)
Craig    42.08% (162)
Marie    44.58% (111)
Ruben    25.76% (119)
Tumi     54.86% (175)   WINNER!
Jay      38.38% (114)  ????

When Tumi won the at-home weigh in, they didn't report what Jay's percentage was, but I think it said 38.??%


Now down to the finalists,

Bobby looks rail thin!  Almost too thin!  And wobbly!

David is looking great.

And then there was Rachel.  She looked good in the dress she showed up in, but a closer look seemed to reveal something a bit more scary.

This entire trio looks the thinnest I've ever seen any set of Biggest Loser finalists. Almost way too thin.  A few I was chatting with said they were sickly thin.  I could swear, Bob and Jillian also looked shocked.

Rachel's arms look scarecrow thin, her face gaunt.  I think it's possible that NBC let the contestants go a bit overboard.

At the weigh in,

Bobby lost 188 lbs, or 52.51% of his start weight.

Rachel lost 155 lbs, weighing 105 lbs, 59.62%

David (The healthy looking one) lost 222 lbs, 54%.

Rachel won the game.  But at what cost?  It looks like the 5'4" woman starved herself to win money, not learn a lesson about good health.  She's destroyed the message that the show could have stood for this season.

She lost 45 pounds since the semi-final weigh ins.  Is that right?  So rather than this athlete delivering a message, she delivered a sad statement.

And the wobbly Bobby didn't look much better.

Any takers on Rachel getting a lot of that weight back? 

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