TNT's MOB CITY has Been Arrested And Put in The Slammer

Last summer TNT aired Mob City, the Frank Darabont directed mini-series that starred Jon Bernthal.

But the show didn't seem to get the ratings traction that they had hoped for.

Hence, today, TNT released the following statement on the cancellation, or not-renewed Mob City:

"Mob City was created as a three-week television event and we are incredibly proud of the six hours we presented of this remarkable drama. Although the ratings of the limited series haven’t warranted more hours we are eager to work with Frank Darabont again and were delighted to bring the vibrant world of Mob City to life."

If you were a fan of the short series, sorry!  I tried catching the show, but it didn't quite grab my attention for me to watch the entire set of episodes. There was something lacking that didn't pull me in.

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