Want To See Some of Season 6 of STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS?

As you all know, once Disney bought out Lucasfilm and the future of Star Wars as we knew it on TV and comics was going to change.  And change they did.  Cartoon Network's Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series was the first casualty of the change.  Later, it was Dark Horse, as Disney is moving their Star Wars comics under their Marvel Comics Banner.


Dave Filoni, the supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a little update for any fans that watch his wall.

One thing he indicated, is that there is no series finale of the animated series, but does say that there are additional Clone Wars episodes on the way.

He also notes that there's one story arc coming up that in his mind, fills in nicely for a series finale.

But enough on that.  (He said he'll fill everyone in later on that.)

But what's cool is the collaboration with Dark Horse Comics to finish out their Star Wars publishing run with a bang.

That story will be “Darth Maul, Son of Dathomir.”

This story, in Dark Horse, will help fill out some of the developmental details that they had brewing under the animated series, but weren't able to pull it off due to the recent circumstances.

The comic will be based on four finished scripts that were slated for the sixth season of the show, and are based off ideas that came out of meetings with George Lucas.

The episodes were finalized, which means the art work for the episodes were too.  Hence, the design work that was destined for the show, will be making it into the Dark Horse comic.

As Filoni put it... 

"I turned over all of the art to Dark Horse so they could create an accurate representation of what we were planning for the show."

As far as the series goes, rumors say that early 2014, it will return for its final run on Cartoon Network.  Rumors range from February on through to March.

Hey, when it happens, it happens.

But they say these episodes will lead TV land into the new animated series Star Wars Rebels, launching on the Disney Channel.

Of course.

Star Wars Rebels will be set between the events of Episode III and IV movies and will premiere after the Clone Wars episodes air.


It's too bad they killed off the Clone Wars animated series.  It was a great series that stood out above and beyond animated entertainment.  It filled a niche that fans all needed.  Except now, we'll be getting our fill of Star Wars every few years now from Disney.


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