BELIEVE: Who Was Ned Vizzini?

If you watched the incredible series premiere of Believe, you might have noticed that at the end of the show, they had a small memorial statement, saying "In memory of Ned Vizzini, 1981-2013."

Who was Ned Vizzini?

Ned wrote for television as a writer or story editor like Teen Wolf, Last Resort and of course, Believe.

He also wrote YA (young adult / teen) novels that often tackled the subject of teen anxiety and depression.  He, himself was something of an expert on the matter, having dealt with depression.

He openly addressed his issues of battling his affliction, but sadly, at the age of 32, last December 19th, 2013, he took his own life by jumping from the roof of the building that his parents lived in.

So sad.

Ned was born Edison Price Vizzini on April 4th, 1981 in Manhattan, New York.  He is survived by his wife, son, mother, and sister.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

There's much more information about Ned at {}

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