Does It Matter that CAP 3 Competes with MAN OF STEEL 2? No.

So there's all this hub ba hub about how Captain America 3 will be opening in theaters the same weekend that Man of Steel 2 (Batman vs. Superman) will be opening.  That date happens to be a few days away, on May 6th, 2016.

And CAP 2 hasn't even opened in theaters yet.  But for some reason everyone is grabbing at this headline as if it's something that is incredibly critical.

But if we think about it, how many times have we seen movie opening dates moved?  Quite often.  Heck, Man of Steel 2 just moved their release date to this date a few months back.  So what's to say they won't move their date again?  WB/DC has seemed tentative about the project over the last several months, so I wouldn't be surprised.

At this point in the game, this conflict is an exciting "sound byte."  I don't expect both films to open on the same day and I expect them to figure it out.

But they're both big franchises.  One is already established, the other, coming off a good start for the franchise reboot.

We'll see.

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