GODZILLA: New Poster and International Trailer

GODZILLA: New Poster and International Trailer

Gareth Edwards' Godzilla, from Legendary, which is coming out in May, has started to ramp up more marketing for the mega Kaiju movie.  Those new marketing moves include a new movie poster and an international trailer.

The poster rocks, as it gives fans a new visual of the big lizard guy and the new trailer, the 3rd trailer released by Legendary, has new angles, words and a few additional visuals.


This take on the big green guy, from the looks of things, appears to be one of the best movie renditions of Godzilla, in a long time.  I say that partly because of director Gareth Edwards working off a script that's been touched by Frank Darabont, for a cast with Bryan Cranston.

To me, that combination of talent makes me want to see this, no matter what it's about.

Edwards' previous (And first) movie, Monsters, was done by him, as an indie film.  It was a good monster film that focused on the people in the story.

Darabont has brought some incredible stories to the big and small screen, including The Shawshank Redemption (excellent movie), The Green Mile (awesome story), The Mist (fun movie, jaw dropping ending) and The Walking Dead.  Observation:  Darabont is magic for Stephen King, since those three movies are stories by King.

And aside from Cranston, the cast is something that should bring something to this story.

And after that debacle in 1998, Edwards made a point in various media junkets that he was staying true with the legend that is Godzilla and not making it his own, like they tried to do in 1998.  Sometimes there's something to be said for some creative talent making something unique from them, but it wasn't a good call in 1998, making one really large Velociraptor with lots of little ones running around a sports venue building. Yep, not phenomenal.

Now you need to be prepared.  Legendary bought the movie rights to Godzilla himself, not the entire Toho cast of monsters.  With that in mind, Edwards and Darabont have created some of their own kaiju for the movie.  So as far as I can tell, we won't be seeing the classic cast of giant characters from years' past.

So just in case I wasn't clear, I am looking forward to seeing this story, seeing how Edwards makes this monster movie with what I expect, to be a good character story.

Godzilla Official International Trailer

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