Legendary's Quick Thinking GODZILLA Social Team Strikes Again!

Legendary's Quick Thinking GODZILLA Social Team Strikes
Oh, but what sharp and quick witted folks that Legendary has running their social media team for the upcoming Godzilla movie.

Legendary tweeted that the earthquake was not an earthquake.  The rest, you can surmise, considering what their primary marketing focus is on.

It's awesome thinking and additional marketing fun.

Early Monday morning a 4.4 earthquake struck in the Los Angeles region.  Now despite the glorified shock and panic that's been reported in the media from Hollywood personalities, a 4.4 isn't that big of a deal, but the networks were having fun with it.

Yes, I can say that.  Lived through the Sylmar quake, Northridge quake, Landers quake and every little quake in between.  I've used a weekend cabin that was a half mile from the San Andreas, and I presently live just a few miles away.  (It's always rumbling.  When it was real quiet, the weekend cabin in Wrightwood was always bumping or rumbling.)

For the uninitiated, a 4.4 isn't much more than a truck rumbling right by your front door or an airliner going a seriously low fly-by.  It's a fun little jolt.  It's anything over 5 that gets fun or worrisome, depending on your perspective.

Though, as you think about the marketing, they do have to be careful.  They have to be sure there were no serious issues that arise from such an event or they'll be trashed for their insensitive marketing.  But for now, this was fun.

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