The Walking Dead, Who Was Sarah Elizabeth Jones?

When The Walking Dead episode that aired on March 2nd, 2014, titled "Still," ended with a remembrance, "In Memory Of Sarah Elizabeth Jones."

So who was Sarah Elizabeth Jones?

Sarah was mostly a crew member, but has had a 'walk on' role in The Walking Dead, but also had worked on Army Wives, and The CW's The Vampire Dairies.

Sadly on February 20th, 2014, she was working on a biopic about Greg Allman, titled, Midnight Rider, as a second camera assistant.  The production was working on the movie set on some train tracks when a train came through, killing Sarah and injuring several other crew.

The movie crew had permission to be on the property the tracks ran through, but may have not had permission from the railroad company to work on the tracks themselves.


From all accounts, Sarah was an energetic and lively person, known for always smiling and laughing.

It sounds like sadly, people lost a very nice person.

Our thoughts are with her and her family.  And if you were watching the 2014 Academy Awards, they added her as a stand-alone banner at the bottom of the screen after Bette Midler's performance, remembering her.


There's more at 'The State' and there's a great in-depth piece about Sarah and a reflection on the safety measures needed in the industry:  nofilmschool

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