Transformers Age of Extinction Newest Trailer {3-4-14}

Transformers Age of Extinction Newest Trailer - Mark Wahlberg

Transformers: Age of Extinction (AKA TF4) is scheduled to be coming to theaters on June 27th, 2014. (But then again, you knew that, if you took a gander at the poster.)

The cast of Transformers 4 includes Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, Jack Reynor, Bingbing Li, Kelsey Grammer and the usual cast of body-count fodder characters.

Michael Bay directs off a screenplay by Transformer script alum, Ehren Kruger, and as you see by the ensuing trailer, this movie will be introducing the Dinobots.

What else you'll see is a father finding an old, discarded truck, a daughter who walks around the farm in seriously tight jeans and pumps, and a protective Transformer when his adoptive family seems threatened.

We see humanity seems to not need Transformers any more and yet, there's a new threat coming down the pipe, Grimlock (?), and he's followed by a giant gun ship not of this earth.


Transformers Age of Extinction billboard, remember chicago

This movie takes place a few years after the events of Transformers 3, and carries forth the story of our aliens without a planet.  But over the course of time, Michael Bay has made a few statements about this movie, saying it won't be as humorous as the previous three and things like that.

Though if you ask me, the movies made billions, so I'd think the humnor is fine.

Or is this just a sales pitch to pull in more viewers?  Either way, I've got this movie booked to watch, and it's one of the few franchises I will go see in 3D.

Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer:

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Transformers Age of Extinction - Optimus Prime

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