TV Review of THE 100 Series Premiere

'The 100' series premiere TV review

I caught the series premiere of The 100 on The CW, and to be honest, it wasn't a bad story.

The 100 takes place in a far future where the Earth was ravaged by nuclear war and the planet surface needs to cool down a bit.  Humanity happened to have some manned space stations in orbit, and it's these folks that ensure the survival of humanity.

But being on a space station, resources are finite and a harsh set of society rules had to be enacted.

Any criminal offense is punished by air-locking the perpetrator, except that minors get put in a slammer.

The plan is that at a finite point in time, they would return to Earth, but things have gone awry, forcing an early return.  But what better way to test the planet surface, than to send 100 teens that are in custody to the surface to test the place out.

They send these 100 kids and as soon as they get land-side, egos, attitudes and teen angst rev right up and it's a battle of the will, or the strong survive kind of stuff.

As the teens on the surface have their hormonal rages and ignore all common sense, the adults in the space station have their own stories going on, while they monitor the teens with fitted bracelets.  But the kids want their own independence and start tearing them off.

So now the adults are starting to lose their data feeds to how their kids are faring.

And thus, the story of The 100 goes.


The cast hails from various other popular genre and dramatic series, Kelly Hu (X2), Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy), Izabela Vidovic (Zombieland), Paige Turco (The Game Plan), Henry Ian Cusick (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), Richard Harmon (Continuum, Bates Motel) and many more.

The story has a semblance of hope, but the teens on the surface, all seem to be way to atypical juvenile delinquents.

That may get old fast.  But we'll see how it pans out.
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