I've seen these two new TV entertainment offerings and I have a few words to say about them.  Go figure, right?

NBC's Believe TV review

First up, is Believe, on NBC.

I liked Believe

It's a J.J. Abrams Bad Robot production and is created by Alfonso CuarĂ³n and Mark Friedman.  If Alfonso's name is ringing some sort of bell, he was consulted for some aspects of Pacific Rim, and was the main driving force behind the huge Sandra Bullock award winning hit movie, Gravity.  Yes, that Alfonso!

And you may remember Mark Friedman if you watch credits, you would have seen his name grace the credits of the TV series, The Forgotten.

Believe follows the exploits of one man who is charged with protecting and hiding one very special little girl.  But it goes beyond that.

The man was broken out of prison to help protect her, while those who look for her seem rather evil in their methods.

Yes, you might think that this could be like another Carrie character, but to be honest, their's something more here.  There's something that almost keeps the story grounded, in how the little girl doesn't quite realize what she's got, but rather, is just a part of her.

And I enjoyed how the story developed throughout the series premiere.

The good guys are Tate (Jake McLaughlin), Channing (Jamie Chung), and Winter, played by veteran actor Delroy Lindo.

The bad guys so far, are Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan) and Moore (Sienna Guillory). It's a bummer she's so evil, she was the hot brunette in a few of the Resident Evil movies.

And our gifted girl is Bo, played by Johnny Sequoyah.  No, not a typo, that is HER name.

I like Believe and think it will last for the season.

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ABC's Resurrection TV review

Then there's Resurrection, from ABC.

Resurrection is an ABC Studios production, and is the story about a single town where dead people are showing back up, after being dead for many years.

In the series premiere, we have Jacob who dies in a river drowning accident many years ago, but for him, he wakes up in a rice patty field on the other side of the planet.

When reunited with this family, some accept, some don't get it, and some think it's a fake.  But by the end of the series premiere, another man shows up who had died some years ago.

The cast includes Samaire Armstrong, Frances Fisher, Kurtwood Smith, Omar Epps, Landon Gimenez, Matt Craven and more.

There's no one entity being credited as creating the series, but the executive producer list is interesting, includeing a exec produced episode by Brad Pitt.  The primary crew of EP is JoAnn Alfano (30 Rock), Gideon Amir (Devious Maids, Missing), Daniel Attias (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Entourage), Jessica Mecklenburg (Saving Grace) and Aaron Zelman (The Killing, Damages, Criminal Minds, Law and Order).

Some of the writers for the show have worked on other shows like Hawaii Five-0, Dollhouse, Reaper, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas).  Fazekas also worked on The X-Files.  Does this list of writers not have a telling hint of what's to come?

From that list of creative team members, I see several shows I respect and have enjoyed over the years.

This would lead me to believe that the show should be pretty good.

And I enjoyed the down-to-earth approach the characters took, in regards to Jacob returning to life.


It's ABC and I, for the life of me, cannot shake the "Lost" vibe of the show.  I swear, I'm looking for a hatch or a smoke monster.  Or more to the point, I'm getting that vibe of what could be a good mystery underlying an entire season, but I am preparing myself to find out that everyone in this little town of Arcadia, Missouri is already dead and just meeting their loved ones later in the after-life.

Yes, Lost infected/damaged me thus. 

If they treat it like Lost, we'll get promises of answers to the mysteries, but they won't come for a very long time.  I remember hearing the Lost team say they're going to tell us what the smoke monster was... and then three seasons later, they finally did.

But I will continue to watch because Resurrection has some great promise, from some great show runners.  Let's see what happens.

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