GAME OF THRONES Finally Made Me Happy

The little prick, King Joffrey

SPOILERS for the episode from 4-13-14

I've been watching Game of Thrones since it showed up on HBO.  Every season has at least one shocker of a death, some mildly satisfactory deaths, and a few that just need to happen.

But last night's episode was both awesome and frustrating, but seriously needed to happen.


THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD if you have not seen the episode yet.

Though it's not really a big spoiler to learn that someone croaked last night, I mean, it is Game of Thrones, and gads, someone is always either dying or having their body parts cut up!  But who it was, now that could be a spoiler for any time-shifted viewers.


I've hated Joffrey from the get-go, and his mother doesn't help the case with her own "aspiring mentality."  (Yes, I'm trying not to use the word bitch.  I'm already using prick in here, so I'm trying my damnedest to keep this shit clean!) But each season, he's proven what a little power can do to a little prick and he was only getting worse as time went on.

Gads, if he had lived, the kingdom would have been ruined.

He couldn't even treat his women right, but hey, that's for another kind of blog!

Be it as it may, when king twit Joffrey took a piece of cake and the camera focused on the cake he took for but a moment longer, I wondered what was up?  But by this point in time, I had given up hope of anyone killing him off. So I have been biding my time.  I'm good with this kind of patience.

And last night, my time had been rewarded, because as they say, patience is its own reward.  Or some such crap like that.

When he started to choke, I just assumed it was yet another tease on this punk keeling over on us.  I mean, I have not read the books, I have not Googled or Wiki'd the story or characters, so when he started to choke, I thoght, "Great, he's going to punish some random victim like the baker for this slight in his food and his own inability to actually chew."

But the choking persisted and suddenly my hopes were getting ignited.

I thought, "Is this it? Did someone grow a big enough pair to take him out? Is he going to choke on his own wealth of unsavory attitude?"

Not until he hit the ground AND his eyeballs were starting to bug out did I start to actually hope that, that, which I waited for ever since his first mischevious statement that rolled off his tongue, was actually starting to happen.

That I would not have to tolerate this schnippet of a dog for any longer than I really had to.

That I would be free of this horrible hate he instilled in me.

But then, as you might have noticed, he croaked.  But with HBO cutting the episode off seven minutes short, I am wondering if there's a director's cut that has that extra seven minutes of Joffrey choking to death.  Or I would even take rehearsal footage of his choking to death.

But alas, the biggest evil in the show, for me, is dead.  Long live the king!  And don't worry, even if he made it to heaven, there are a lot of Starks up there... so either way, he's f*!

And now, his opportunistic whench of a mother is in a pickle.

We're all only as good as our best social connections.  And if her crap son is dead, where will this leave her?

I'm hoping she'll end up somewhere rotten and smelly, where she'll have to marry some huge, smelly man, to do her part for upholding family honor!  Hehe.

But that's neither here nor there.


Oh, and the actor that played Joffrey says he's retiring.  He only wants to act for fun with his friends or for summer fun.

Though it sounds like they had cast correctly for Joffrey, hold one moment, and consider true words from Jack Gleeson:

"When you make a living from something, it changes your relationship with it. It’s not like I hate it, it’s just not what I want to do."


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