GODZILLA, The God (Asian Trailer Explains Story)

There could be, will be, maybe movie spoilers in below piece.

Godzilla Asian Movie Trailer explained?

Up until now, we pretty much knew that Godzilla, (coming out in the U.S. on May 16th), is, what most expect to be a fantastic reboot from Gareth Edwards.  For me, we knew that he's arisen.  We knew that there were other monsters.  One, maybe more, from things I've seen, but can't confirm.  We knew that humanity was running for its life because of... Godzilla?

Maybe not so much.

But as more trailers come out, we're starting to get more of a feel for the movie and what it represents.  Now why we have to depend on international trailers to get more of the gist of the story behind the movie, I don't know.  It's a marketing thing.

But now it seems, if this Asian trailer is pointing us in the right direction, I'd swear that humans must awaken Godzilla to tackle this flying thing?  Come on poeple, put up a REALLY BIG BUG LIGHT and see what happens.

But regardless, Gareth Edwards has my respect since his indie film monsters.  Bryan Cranston will always have my attention from his various works.  And Frank Darabont handled the script. (That's the guy that brought The Walking Dead to life on TV, and a few other great projects he's worked on, including The Mist (2007), which is a great story with one hell of a shocking ender.)  In the development days, he massaged the script to gear it towards older characters.

And it will be great to see Kick-Ass's Aaron Taylor-Johnson in something other than a stick weilding role!  Right?

And today's technology, I can't imagine this won't rock to some degree, and help kick the franchise back in gear.

Godzilla Asian Trailer Tells More Story:

BUT KEEP IN MIND, that Legendary and WB only licensed one Toho character, that of Godzilla.  All other monsters are originals and per some sources, we'll be seeing homage paid to other Toho monsters. 

For now, though I wonder if this film does well enough, how many more Godzilla films we'll get, and maybe, how many other Toho creations we might start seeing?

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