LION KING Cast Sings An Impromptu Performance

This is an awesome little video where apparently, while waiting for their flight to take off, some of the cast of the Australian musical version of The Lion King decided to kill some time and break out into song, belting out 'Circle of Life.'

Wow, to have just been there to experience that moment, where total strangers break out into song in a public setting.  It would be like you're in you're very own musical!

And check out that the flight attendent takes initiative and holds the phone for everyone so we can see the entire plane responding is pretty neat.

But more precious... is near the end of the piece, watch down the aisle, as a little child starts to walk towards this sound of happiness.

It's a neat moment in life, in a rather bleak landscape where too many people trudge through their daily routine, barely looking up from their path, nary a word to say to folks.

This was a nice little blip of cheery on this day for me.  I needed it.

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