Movies and TV New to DVD/BD, Tues, 4-29-14

Movies and TV Shows New to DVD and Blu-ray Tuesday, 4-29-14

This week in new DVD and Blu-ray releases, there's a unique collective of titles coming out on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014.

One thing we have is a classic animated or dramatic piece or two, and with the advent of the new Godzilla movie coming out soon, we have a few classic giant monster (kaiju) movies coming to market, taking advantage of the awareness of the franchises of giant fantasy monsters.

Check it out below...


Space Battleship Yamato: Movie (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

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Legend of Hercules [Blu-ray]
Starring Kellan Lutz, Scott Adkins and Liam Garrigan (DVD)
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Masterpiece: Mr. Selfridge Season 2
Starring Jeremy Piven (DVD)
- - -

Labor Day (DVD)

- - -



Allman Brothers/40: 40th Anniversary Show Live At The Beacon Theatre (DVD)

Hill Street Blues: The Complete Series

Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed (DVD)

Francis the Talking Mule Complete Collection

Wind And The Lion, The [Blu-ray]

Gamera: Ultimate Collection V1 (4 Pack) [Blu-ray]

35th Anniversary Tour Live from Poland [Blu-ray]

Gimme Shelter

Godzilla - The Complete Animated Series Starring Ian Ziering, Malcom Danare, Rino Romano and Charity James (DVD)

Gamera: Ultimate Collection V2 (4 Pack) [Blu-ray]

Star Trek: Enterprise - Complete Fourth Season [Blu-ray]

Il Sorpasso (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray + DVD)

Devil's Due (DVD)

Dynasty: Season 8, Vol. 1 & 2 (2-Pack)

Gamera Legacy Collection

Bob Hope Classic Comedy Collection

Shangri-La: Complete Series - S.A.V.E

Salems Lot: The Ultimate in Terror (1979)

The Best Offer

Escape From Tomorrow

Father Brown:The Complete Collection (DVD)

Yoga of Awakening: Body-Mind Flow

Gloria (DVD)

Sophie's Choice (Collector's Edition) [Blu-Ray/DVD Combo] [Blu-ray]

The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

Bad Country [Blu-ray]

Notes on a Scandal (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

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