TV News For the Week Ending 3-4-14

TV and Casting News For the Week Ending 3-4-14

As far as TV news for the week, it was pretty busy.  At least for me and the shows that I either like or that I suspect you guys like following.

Check out what TV shows I have news or updates for:

David Duchovny,
Ink Master,
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,
John Barrowman,
Malaysia 370,
Nurse Jackie,
Pharrell Williams,
Raising Hope,
Rookie Blue,
The Price is Right,
True Blood,
Warehouse 13

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FOX's 24 is now on Amazon Prime.

Turns out that "Prime Instant Video is now the exclusive online-only subscription home for streaming all 192 episodes (8 seasons) of the award-winning series 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland as heroic agent Jack Bauer."



Just a quickie reminder that Catfish will be premiering on May 7th, on MTV.


Reminder:  Did you catch the season premiere of Continuum on Syfy?  It aired Friday night, 4-4-14.


David Duchovny:

NBC has ordered 13 episodes of Aquarius, a series about a cop who tracks down Charles Manson.  It will star Duchovny.

Press Release:

"NBC has given a straight-to-series 13-episode order for the drama “Aquarius,” starring two-time Golden Globe Award winner David Duchovny in his return to broadcast television.

In this gripping drama series set in the late 1960s, Duchovny stars as a Los Angeles police sergeant with a complicated personal life who starts tracking a small-time criminal and budding cult leader seeking out vulnerable women to join his “cause.” The name of that man is Charles Manson. The twists and turns of a complicated undercover operation will lead Duchovny’s character and his young partner to the brink of Manson’s crimes that will eventually lead to the Tate-LaBianca murders in subsequent seasons."


Ink Master - Spike TV renewed the series for it's fifth season.


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If you're a fan of the show, you'll be happy to know that FXX has renewed the funny series for another two seasons.


Rake viewers: If you are following the show, be aware that FOX is moving the series to burn off whatever episodes are left.

They're moving it to Saturdays, beginning April 5th.  Though, oddly, there has been no confirmatio of when the final episode of the series will air.


ABC Moves some premiere dates:

If you are one of the many Rookie Blue fans or waiting for the new series, The Quest, you might want to know that ABC moved the summer premiere dates for these shows to make room for some singing show.

Now, Rookie Blue will be premiering on Thursday, June 19.

The Quest
will have its series premiere on Thursday, July 31.

On a side note, John Barrowman will be hosting this new singing show, Sing Your Face Off, which will premiere on Saturday, May 31.

Now you know!


Is it too soon?  I don't know.  But the Smithsonian Channel is airing a movie titled Malaysia 370: The Flight The Vanished on Sunday, April 6th.


Nurse Jackie:  Showtime announced that they've renewed the show for a 7th season.


NBC announced that Pharrell Williams will be joining the coach team for season seven of The Voice.


Did you catch the series finale of Raising Hope this week? (Friday night)

Too bad not more folks tuned in to keep it around.


Suits:  DB Woodside and Brendan Hines have joined the cast for the fourth season of USA's hit series.


On April 7th, The Price is Right will be airing it's 8000th episode.  No, that was not a typo.  Right now, it's hosted by Drew Carry.


True Blood:

HBO announced that the seventh and final season of True Blood will be premiering on Sunday, June 22, 2014.


Warehouse 13

The final season of Warehouse 13 will commence (premiere) on Monday, April 14th.


Also, previously this week, have you caught the latest Godzilla trailers?

The new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes content?

Or all the summer 2014 TV schedules?

Check it out.


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