GAME OF THRONES Season Finale Recap

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones season finale

So the season finale of Game of Thrones, titled "Children of the Damned," has come and gone, and the payout was as expected..  exciting, surprising, worrisome and satisfying.

It's bad enough that the show it damn good, but when you watch it, you have to watch it with a grain of salt, since characters that we like can die off at any second.

Hence, when you're watching a season finale, well, it's eggshells time for fans of the HBO TV series.

And so too, Sunday night's season finale delivered the fourth season closer with suspense, but in writing and in viewers expectations.


I was pretty sure Jon Snow was done.  Gone for.  He's my likeable dreary guy and he just went walking out into the woods.  I was waiting to see the northern folk cut him down, then the king to smite him, but there was honor between these two.  And it paid out.

Though it did so in a scary fashion until thousands of men led by Stannis Baratheon resolved the matter.  Might is right?  And all this, because the Northerners didn't want to fight, but hide from what's coming, since "winter is coming."


Can someone please kill Cersei? Gads I hate that spawn.

Well, now she's feeling her oats and tells her father she won't marry Loras and threatens to expose the incest side of their family for the world to see.

What's to Tywin to do?  Can he reign her bullshit in?  I seriously hope so.  I'm depending on Tywin to stomp all her hopes.


The saddest part for me was what happened with Daenerys when it was discovered that one of her dragons burnt a small child into a crispy treat... and as a result, she has to rescind her leash free dragon rule.  Though she chained her pets up, the big one was nowhere to be found.

I can't help but wonder if this is the end of her controlling her dragons, what with captivity and how upset the little ones were at being chained and left behind.

That was hard for me to watch.


Bran and his group make it into a cave and encounter the three-eyed raven in the form of an old seer.  of course that's not without it's danger of attacking wights.

They lose Jojen Reed here to a wight.


FINALLY Brienne finds Arya, but The Hound will have nothing of it, and they come to blows with sword and fists.

This fight had me hanging, and it was a fantastic one, going back and forth, not knowing who will come out on top, but finally Brienne knocks the hound over a cliff, but Arya wants nothing to do with her and hides.

Later, Arya checks on The Hound, but won't do as he asks, which is kill him.  He's done for and dying he says, but all she does is take his money and takes off, leaving him to die.

But in a todays world of entertainment, if you don't see someone actually die, their chances of returning go up from 45% to 75%! So I am waiting.


Tyrion is ready to die, but Jamie breaks him out.  Yet while out, Tyrion decides to visit a few folks and makes his mark known.

He goes to his old chambers and finds the two, three timing Shae there and they get into a fight.  And with a wonderful and almost subtle sound, we here the cartilage of her neck snap.  It's a sad moment for him, he truly loved her, but love has no room for treachery.

Perfect for that lying wench.

Then Tyrion finds his dad, Tywin, on the crapper and they have a heart to heart, father son chat.  Sort of, in Game of Thrones style, where Tywin calls Shae a whore, Tyrion says don't call her that again.  Tywin used the W word describing Shae and within a split second, he's dead, an arrow through and through, from Tyrion's crossbow.

But here, I am confused.  I had been counting on Tywin to keep that wretched wench, Cersei, in check, but now he's gone.  I'm not unhappy Tyrion killed him but I'm worried how much power this might give Cersei access to, with that bitch-throttling man dead.

Any way Tyrion escapes the city with the help of Varys.


And Arya finds a boat, using her coin that the Faceless Man gave her, in persuading a boat captain to take her where she wants to go.

And that's that.

I can't say I was shocked by events in the finale, but I was on the edge of my seat, worrying for everyone who could die, wanting some to, and others to not and not being sure what outcome would prevail.  But all in all, it was a great season closer.

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