SHARKNADO, I finally Watched It

Ian Ziering in Sharknado

Well, believe it or not I might be one of the very few (billion) who has not seen this phenom of a "hit" called Sharknado.  But with the sequel on the way (Late July), I finally dug it up on Netflix and watched it.  Yes, I went out of my way to watch Sharknado. Once... just once.

And wow, I have to tell you, what an extraordinarily mind-numbing event of what you would expect from a Syfy movie.

This "television event" stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, John Heard, Cassandra Scerbo, Jaason Simmons and many more shark victims.

What can I say?  There's a storm at sea.  Sharks are getting picked up by water spouts and the ocean floods the mainland in the Los Angeles area.  The sharks fly through the air from the water spouts and also follow the water inland, creating even more problems for the land lovers who think they're safe.

The sharks are insidiously hungry and when Ian's character gets himself a chainsaw, well, it's game on folks.

There's the two women in Ian's life, an ex and a daughter, who can't seem to let go of their angst at the worst time, and drunk rich guys stumbling around while carrying their favorite bar stool.

Yes, this is one of those flicks, from The Asylum no less, that somehow, hit a chord that made this flick a strange yet popular production.  Snark is so snarky that it's loved.

Then they went and tried the unspeakable and attempted to see how it would do at the movie theaters AFTER it aired on TV.  Yes, it bombed horribly.  But that did not stop them from cranking out the sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One.  This time, the story is taking place in New York.  And that television phenom will be airing on Syfy on July 30.

Wait, I forgot my opinion of the flick.

I cranked it up and to be honest, did not turn it off.  Some films can be so horrible that you just need to leave the channel.  Sharknado wasn't too horrible.

On IMDb, the average user score sits at 3.3 out of 10.  That number might be a bit harsh, but not far from truth.  I'd give it a popcorn 4 at worse.  Why 4?  Because I 've seen much, much worse that I can't stand to even leave on the TV.  But with the right situation... friends, beer, pizza, well, lots of beer, Sharknado could be a great get together excuse to have fun.



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