SHOCKER: Miley Cyrus Concert on NBC BOMBS

Miley Cyrus NBC TV concert ratings
First, how many people even knew there was a Miley Cyrus television concert being televised Sunday night (7-6-14) on NBC, called “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour?” The educated guess is very few, because no one cares about this "piece of work," or everyone did know about it and avoided her telecast like the plague.

There's also confusion as to why NBC would even entertain the idea of televising some event of hers.  The premise was that she might appeal enough to the Nielsen families who dictate advertiser buying and selling of ads.  But as you can see, that did not work out.  These are the same families that can't embrace fairly decent Sci-Fi or fantasy TV series in many cases. Hence, the failure of the hip-twerk jerk.

Or did she twerk someone in the NBC offices to get some air time?  But that's a question of a totally different ethic.


As it stands, NBC's twerking gamble did not pay off. No one wanted to see a child act out on stage for ratings. The "concert" was beat out handily by a repeat of American Ninja Warrior, which is about real people performing fantastic physical stunts to win money.

60 Minutes and Big Brother were the big TV ratings winners that night, while Reckless, Brain Games and Miley Cyrus were the big losers, per Media Insights.

This concludes this week's bashing on brainlessness.

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