BETTER CALL SAUL Promo/Music Video

What better way than to tease the fans than to put up a piece of a music video as a promo to the upcoming new series called Better Call Saul (BCS)?

BCS is a spin-off from Breaking Bad and stars Bob Odenkirk as the feisty lawyer named Saul, the one who helped Walter and Jesse launder their money and take care of other things related to the insidious nature of Walter's calling.

But alas, the promo is a cute country piece with a few snippets of scenes we can only surmise are from the upcoming first season if not first episode of the show.

Along with Odenkirk, we'll also be seeing Jonathan Banks as strong arm do-it kind of man, Mike.

The show is due to premiere in February of 2015.

But will Better Call Saul work?

On the series Saul was a classic character that was a refreshing piece of air, as was Mike, his enforcer.  But can they carry a series all by themselves?

My guess is that yes, yes they can. Or at least I hope so.

I know it sounds odd, but despite the premiere being pushed back a season or so AND despitenot even having premiered yet, AMC made the stand to demonstrate their support of the series by (prematurely?) ordering a second season. Which is weird... but then again, anyone can change their mind about a renewal, so ordering a second season isn't that big of a deal.

Check it out... the promo.

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