BULLSEYE is Fear Factor Without The Eating....

Bullseye on FOX is just like Fear Factor was, except without the eating gross crap.... and suddenly I realize I miss that gross eating crap. But if you are short on time, I think Bullseye misses the mark and disappoints. (Yes, that was a pun.)


If you haven't seen the latest reality game show kind of series, YOU ARE NOT MISSING anything, if you have ever watched the old show, Fear Factor. It is the same, and thus, boring.

I had tuned into (and out of, and back into and out of) the Bullseye series premiere to check it out. It seemed like a fun premise to throw human bodies at things, and see if they can hit the targets.

But someone thought it was not prudent to change up the identical format that Fear Factor used in the presentation.

The only thing about Bullseye that is different from Fear Factor is that there are no creepy bug baths or bug diets. It is all just the physical challenges.

Which I thought would be fun.

But host Kellan Lutz (who can't get another decent job since Twilight) has the exact same job that Joe Rogan had. According to some media, Lutz loves Wipeout and that was why he was interested in this series. Though to me, Wipeout is so much more fun to watch. Though in this rendition, Lutz does perform some of the stunts or shots.

Otherwise, they seem to have the exact same stands contestants stood on. The exact same format where you send off the one contestant after interviewing them about their hopes of not sucking, then asking the other contestants waiting to compete, how badly they think or hope they will suck.

They have the same kind of contestants, who will mostly take the money they've won and get new breasts and other bullshit like that. (Which keeps me from rooting too much for any one contestant unless they are going to donate to charity or help their ailing parents or pay school tuition.)

I was really hoping this would be LIKE Fear Factor and toss something new at us to spin it up a bit better. (No pun intended there.)

But Fear Factor was cancelled for a reason, and this lack luster rendition left much to be desired for any kind of mind-numbing entertainment. I apologize to Lutz... it is not his fault.