You know, for all the marketing noise they made about the upcoming new season, the third season, of Hannibal, I had the impression this show was going like gang busters at a cannibal's fest.

But suddenly, we're hearing that the show has been cancelled by NBC.

It will run out its current season, as scheduled, so don't fret there.

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So much for all that marketing spin. I'm thinking the term "marketing spin," is code for lies.

But it seems that there were some issues with the idea of introducing the Clarice Starling character to the fourth season.

Show creator Brian Fuller says it best about being cancelled:

"NBC has allowed us to craft a television series that no other broadcast network would have dared, and kept us on the air for three seasons despite Cancelation Bear Chow ratings and images that would have shredded the eyeballs of lesser Standards & Practices enforcers. Hannibal is finishing his last course at NBC’s table this summer, but a hungry cannibal can always dine again. And personally, I look forward to my next meal with NBC."

LOL... he has a great sense of humor about it.


I never watched the show. Well, wait, that's not true. I tried to watch the show. I tuned in to an episode and my timing must have been the absolute worse in human eating history. Literally.

Apparently Hannibal was serving something/someone to a character and the timing was absolutely perfect to deter me from ever going anywhere near that television channel when that show was on.

It hit some weird nerve that nauseated me and I've never gone back!

[source: THR]

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