Keanu Reeves in John Wick, a review of sorts

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) starts out in a disjointed sort of fashion, between seeing him bleeding out in the opening scene, to a moment where he is at the bedside of his dying wife, to her funeral, then to his receiving a delivery of a puppy after her death, which was from his wife, and how cute it is. They get along famously, until a thug steals his car and kills his puppy.

You see, that puppy was the last thing his wife ever gave him. It was all he had left of her. Oops on the thugs!

Here's the thing, if you like revenge porn and a fascinatingly interesting fighting style, then this is seriously your movie. Oh, and if you like to see harmed animals avenged, this too is  for you.

But the story is a bit shallow once the action gets going and it's just a series of deeds and developments that are accented by action, violence and death.

Though I must say that I found the fighting style of John Wick to be rather fascinating because he would get into a fight holding a gun, then he would punch, elbow, bam, bam. He used the gun like an extension of his own body, like a ninja and their throwing stars.

So sure, it was thin on story in acts two and three, but it was pure popcorn fun to follow. Easy, retributive actions, and the bad guys get it good. (Oops, was that a spoiler?)


Other cast includes Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan and a few other familiar faces. It was directed by Chad Stahelski, whose resume includes 300, The Matrix and V for Vendetta.

So was it any good? Yes... Fun good. IMDb users gave it a 7.2, and so I too would easily give it a popcorn-7 score! I would have never minded dropping money on this, if I had.

Oh, if you were wondering, the film had an estimated $20MM budget and pulled in $71MM worldwide and a sequel where John Wick avenges more puppies will be coming out, with Keanu Reeves on board.

I'm good with that!

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