Let's Talk Silly JURASSIC WORLD Fan Theories

If you have not seen it, there's been a fan theory floating around that says, or thinks that the volunteer kid from the beginning of Jurassic Park, is the character that Chris Pratt plays in Jurassic World.


Let's take a look at a few things about this curiously interesting theory.

First, I bet the filmmakers are kicking themselves for not thinking of this one themselves. That would have been a perfect way to connect everything together... besides the obvious that is.

If it was the kid, you would think that this cool detail might have already been put in the marketing campaign, in one way or the other.

This theory was "developed" online before anyone has even seen the movie.


The internet can be a fun place to hang out and debate things with like-minded folks. It can also be a place of curious thoughlessness.

Regardless, it is a cool theory, but excitedly misguided.

But the going argument is that this theory started floating about long before the movie even hit the theaters!

But these are all just minor points. I bet the producers heard this theory and are plotting how to work it into the next one if 'World' works out at the box office.

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